How To Talk With Your Kids

Often, counseling children and adults can be a very gratifying experience. A while back, I had a father who joined the counseling process with his teenage son. I had been seeing the son for individual sessions. The father requested being involved, with his son’s agreement, so that the two of them could learn more effective ways of communicating about significant issues.

Creating Balance In A Child’s Life

I am making a passionate plea to parents and teachers who believe that schooling is the alpha and omega of a child’s life. Often, schools have convinced students and parents that a child’s focus must exclusively be centered on academic concerns during every waking hour.

A Fresh Look At Schooling: The Role of Grades (Part 3 of 3)

The purpose of schooling is to teach our children to learn and produce quality work. In order to accomplish this goal, our schools must re-think the ways in which they view the educational process.

A Fresh Look At Schooling: The Role of Homework (Part 2 of 3)

People don’t get better at dealing with unhappiness, failure and disappointment because they were deliberately exposed to difficulties as youngsters. To the contrary, it is one’s experience with success, affirmation and unconditional acceptance that helps kids deal constructively with later frustration and failure.

A Fresh Look At Schooling: The Role Of Competition (Part 1 of 3)

Competition in schools is used as a method to motivate students. However, competition is not a very effective academic motivator, particularly for young students at the elementary and middle school level; if it was, we would have more students experiencing success.

The Post Kindergarten Blues: What To Know To Help Your Little One Start First Grade

Now that we are close to the end of our first six weeks as a first grade family, I feel confident in sharing with you some of the shocks and secrets of entering what I now consider to be “real school”: first grade.

The Blending Of Families: Still Yours And Mine

The blending of families is a common and yet challenging task. The days of the nuclear family, exempt from divorce, appears less normative in our current society. These changes in our family system pose a complex set of transitional difficulties.

What Every Parent Should Know About Using Technology

While the benefits of technology are obvious, the dangers often prove to be more subtle. The perversion of a medium that has such great potential for good is undoubtedly one of the great tragedies of our day. Too often, as parents, we are aware of the potential dangers of using these new tools, but we do not understand enough about them to know how to protect our families. Nor do we know what danger signs to look for. And, children in our homes often possess a greater understanding of technology than we do.

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