Child Restraint Tips: Finding and Installing the Right Car Seat for Your Child

It is very important that all the necessary precautions be taken to ensure that the car seat has been properly installed into you vehicle and that your child has been properly restrained in a child passenger restraint that is appropriate for their age and weight, before you even start you vehicle.

Separation Anxiety

The key to managing separation anxiety involves changing the interactional pattern for the child and family. What are some factors that intensify the problem of separation anxiety and what can be done about it?

“He ain’t heavy . . . He’s my brother”

I have seen some nasty cases of siblings who, if given the chance, would put their brother or sister in the goodwill pile and revel in their absence forevermore. I didn’t want this to happen with my kids. My brother and I were (and still are) best friends and I wanted that for my babies. But how?

How Parents Can Choose the Proper Little League Coach for Their Child

Before parents just sign their kids up for little league, they need to do some research on the coach. Little league could negatively or positively impact a son or daughter and most of the time the initial impact is made by the coach. Imagine your ten year old trying to stretch a single into a double and unfortunately they get thrown out. You would expect the child to receive encouragement from his coach for good hustle and aggressive behavior, but what if, they didn’t. What if, instead of congratulating the athlete for his or her efforts, the coach starts yelling and screaming at the ten year old for poor judgment. How can you as parents spot a good coach from a bad coach?

The Unreality of Pop Media

Today’s media has done a masterful job of providing people with an illusion of reality. Much of the media culture is designed to create a mythical perspective, rather than depicting real life experience. Now you can vicariously live through someone else’s orientation in the comfort of your own home.

Social Skills And School-Age Children

Social skills affect every aspect of our lives. We use social skills to appropriately foster relationships at home, work, in the homes of our friends and co-workers, and in our neighborhoods. Many children may desire to have social connections, but lack the necessary skills to interact appropriately with others. Since social skills are an important component for successful living, we need to make sure that our children acquire these skills and learn appropriate social rules.

Be Good To Yourself

As mothers, we juggle. We balance our kids with our careers with our home with our husbands with our personal time… In the equation it works out that “personal time” gets the least amount of attention. Most of us are too busy to notice or to complain—complaining doesn’t get things done and, as mothers, we are all about getting business taken care of. So, as a mother who is trying desperately to take note of what is and what is not conducive to getting it all done and remaining healthy and happy through the course of it all, here are some things that I notice make the days easier and make me healthier and happier.

Navigating the Turbulence of Adolescence

Life can be difficult, particularly for adolescents. Many young people navigate the turbulent years of adolescence and emerge into adulthood reasonably unscathed. Too many youngsters, however, feel stuck, confused and alienated. To complicate matters, they don’t feel like they have the inner resources to climb out of the mire. These youngsters are socially and emotionally “at-risk”. They may suffer from such painful symptoms as anxiety, depression or anger, and all of the self-destructive behavior patterns which follow. Often, a vicious cycle of frustration and failure begins.

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