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Annoyed, Impatient Dads

When you do feel these feelings of impatience or a lack of control, practice “being with the feelings.” Don’t fight them. Use a calm voice?no yelling, shame, or criticizing. Stay with the feelings until they pass. Don’t worry, you’ll make it through, and you will get better at it!

Becoming A More Consistent Parent ? A Simple Suggestion

Consistency happens to be one of the biggest challenges I personally face in working with my children. I understand that it is an important issue. I write about it. I teach it in my business. And still I struggle.

The 5 B’s Of Successful Parenting

Events that appear to be random, isolated behaviors actually fit into predictable patterns for most children. If you understand the patterns, you’ll know what to do in most situations. I’ve developed the five B’s to reduce these patterns to five easy to remember and apply principles.

Dads, Kids, And Mistakes

One of the most difficult parts of being a father is learning to accept your children’s mistakes. It’s easy to be loving, supportive, and helpful when your kids are mistake-free, but most fathers who pay attention don’t find too many mistake-free periods of their kids lives.

Five Tips For Dads: Reading And Bonding With Babies And Toddlers

Reading has been such a joy for me as a father, both one-on-one and with my four girls together. From the first days, reading out loud has been our chance to have our own quality time. Now, as the young twins turn 5, references to phrases, characters and funny scenes from books are our family jokes!

Anger And Good Parenting

Good parenting is composed of many things, and it is a challenging undertaking. This is especially true since there are no perfect parents. The best parents are the ones who are at least concerned with trying to be as good as they can.

Tips To Make Reading Fun

This list is for both young and old. I love reading and want everyone to love it as well. So I hope you will find at least one thing helpful in this list and that it will inspire you to come up with some of your own.

How Lazy Parents Make Happier Kids And Stronger Marriages

My mother always said that the best parents are lazy parents. Her theory, as I understood it, was that lazy parents don’t jump up every time their kids need something so that children learn to entertain themselves, enjoy themselves, and become more independent.

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