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Teenage Development

We need to better understand adolescent developmental stages to help us not take teenage behavior as a personal attack on us. By becoming familiar with these stages, we will increase our competence in encouraging teens to establish their sense of identity.

What is Normal Development?

Development is given in a range of years. Each child develops as an individual. Ask yourself, are you expecting too much or too little?

Children’s Feelings

The child focuses on how unfair we are, or how bad they are, rather than learning from their mistake. If we want our child to learn , it is critical that we address the feelings first and then work with them on dealing with the situation.

Ten Keys to Successful Parenting

It is important that we discipline in a way that teaches responsibility by motivating our children internally, to build their self-esteem and make them feel loved. If our children are disciplined in this respect, they will not have a need to turn to gangs, drugs, or sex to feel powerful or belong.

Parents’ Understanding More About Early Childhood

Findings from a recent statewide survey show that money spent educating parents in California about the importance of early childhood development has been extremely effective.

What Every Parent Must Know About Babysitters!

Selecting a babysitter is an important decision that requires a great amount of caution. Here are 5 things you should consider when choosing a babysitter.

The Four Parenting Styles

Love and limits are terms that describe a parents discipline orientation. Parents who are oriented toward a “relational discipline” are said to use love as their primary style of parenting. Parents who use “action discipline” are said to use limits as their primary style of parenting.

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