What is Normal Development?

By: Diane Clark Johnson

Development is given in a range of years. Each child develops as an individual. Ask yourself, are you expecting too much or too little?

Your child's behavior "problem" may be just one of his/her important and normal developmental tasks. Awareness of these tasks should reassure you that your childís development is normal and likely to change again soon. A behavior "problem" often lasts more than 6 months, happens in more than one place consistently, and appears as a pattern.

Normal Expectations:

During the past 15-20 years intrauterine development has become very important. Prior to this time, environmental effects on fetal development were not considered important.

Piagetís Sensorimotor Period (Birth to 2 years)

0-1 years

1-3 years

Piagetís Preoperational Period (2-7 years)

2-5 years

5-7 years

Piagetís Period of Concrete Operations (7-11 years)

6-12 years

Important tasks during latency

8-9 years

Piagetís Period of Formal Operations (12 and On)

12-18 years

When considering your childís behavior it is important to consider:

If you suspect a behavior problem, it is important to get a thorough diagnosis. Only through a psychological evaluation can you rule out learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, perceptual problems or genetic disorders. For more information, contact the author, Diane Clark Johnson, at dcj@aimnet.com.

Diane Clark Johnson is a Family Life Educator and director of A Family Resource in Oakland, California.

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