Summary Of Toilet Training Readiness Signals

By: Narmin Parpia

  1. Physiological readiness signals for potty training are (Bladder & Bowel Control):

    • Childs awareness of the need to go - demonstrated by squatting, grunting, hiding when child feels need to eliminate.

    • No BM's through the night

    • Dry diaper for long periods of time i.e. from long naps and/or in the morning.

    • Urinate a lot at one time (vs. a little through out the day)

    • Some regularity of bowel movements.

  2. Motor Skills readiness signals for potty training are:

    • Is your child able to undress him/herself?

    • Is your child able to pull his/her underpants down?

    • Is your child able to pull his/her pants down?

  3. Verbal and Cognitive readiness signals for potty training are:

    • Your child can follow instructions - from simple instruction such as show me your nose, to more complex instructions such as putting away toys where they belong.

    • Has the vocabulary required to follow your instructions - i.e. understands words such as potty, toilet, wet, dry, underwear, "big girl" etc.

    • Is able to imitate behavior.

  4. Emotional growth and social awareness readiness signals for potty training are:

    • Desire to master one's own body and environment - manifested by "I can do it" or "I am a big boy/girl now"

    • Child's desire for parental approval

    • Child's desire to imitate and desire to be like others

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