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What Can I Do If My Student Is Still Struggling?

School does not come easily to all people. The most important thing to remember is to encourage your student to do their best. Struggling students often deal with low self-esteem which impacts their self concept.

How Can I Deal With My Child’s Emotions?

The middle school years are often a roller coaster of emotions for many young people. One minute they seem perfectly agreeable, then they spout off in anger and then later , they may seem withdrawn.

How Can I Build My Child’s Sense Of Responsibility?

Responsibility is a big part of life, and it is the job of parents and teachers to help students develop this skill. Children should be responsible for things even at an early age – washing the dishes, doing house chores, going to bed on time, etc. Often, as parents, we remind and direct our children in these activities. As young people enter middle school, more responsibility is placed on them, they may now be babysitting or helping fix meals, and less direct supervision by parents should be provided, especially regarding schoolwork. Homework is much more abundant, and learning to meet school deadlines can become a major challenge.

What Can I Do When I Get Frustrated With My Middle School Student?

As a young person moves into the middle school years, their emotional , physical and mental development, coupled with their emerging independence, often creates conflict between the parent and child.

How Can I Help My Student Study For Tests?

Just like asking questions, studying for tests is not something everyone can figure out on their own. Some students find ways that help themselves prepare, but others need suggestions and ideas for studying. Many students find that particular kinds of tests are easier for them than others.

How Can I Help My Student Learn To Ask Questions?

Communicating in the classroom in important for learning. Being comfortable seeking more information or clarifying what you do not know is important.

How Can I Help My Middle School Student Get Organized?

Middle school students can often be disorganized when they first experience multiple teachers and classes that place more demands on them. The mess that can erupt from a backpack, folder or locker can hinder your child’s ability to get their work done in a timely and effective way.

How Can I Help My Student Be Successful With His/Her Homework?

Middle school is a time for students to develop independent work and study habits that will sustain their learning as they get older. You may have convinced your middle schooler that there is a reason why they need to do their homework, but that doesn’t mean the work is completed accurately or with the thoughtfulness required.

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