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How Can I Avoid Homework Hassles With My Child?

Middle school students are developing the ability to think at higher levels. This means they may question things they have accepted in the past.

How Can I Connect With My Student’s Middle School Teacher(s)?

You may be somewhat uncertain about what you can or should be doing at home to assist with your child’s learning in middle school, and the fact that the child may now have multiple teachers instead of one, complicates the process of connecting with teachers.

How Can I Get My Middle School Child Off To A Successful Start?

Getting your child off the right start in middle school can make the rest of the experience a smashing success. When children move from elementary grades into middle level classrooms, their personal development can impact their academic work.

Learning Is A Family Affair

My daughters have chosen two different approaches to educating their children. One has been doing an excellent job home schooling while the other sends her children to a wonderful public school. Both women, however, supplement the formal curriculum with an informal one by taking family field trips, visiting museums, and participating in activities such as scouting, music, and sports. They spend time with their children and work with them when they need help.

6 Questions To Ask Your Child’s Teacher At Conference Time

Your child has been in school for several weeks now. Parent/teacher conferences are fast approaching. Will you go in clinching your teeth and holding your breath, hoping not to hear news of your child’s poor performance? Will you conjure up feelings from when you were a child and your parents returned home with news from the teacher? Have you given any consideration to what you want to learn from that meeting? Will you sit quietly and listen? Or will you ask questions? If so, what will they be?

10 Steps to School Year Success

One of the most important aspects of parenting is ensuring that your child gets a good education. School is a place where your child not only learns skills such as reading and writing; it is also where your child will learn about friendship, responsibility, and fairness. In short, school is a test run for the ?real world’, and your child needs your help to navigate this complicated arena. When your child was a baby, you set your life around nap times and diaper changes, now your growing child needs you to set your life around school.

Eleven Must Do’s In Preventing Back to School Stress

Some parents will wait to the last minute to get everything in order but it need not be that way. Here are a few tips to squash back-to-school stress… before it gets the best of you.

How to Help Your Child be Successful in Kindergarten

Your child’s first year of school should be a fun and exciting time. Children who are comfortable with and prepared for this first school experience are more likely to have rewarding and productive years, and therefore associate positive feelings with education. Since parents are children’s first and most important teachers, you can play a key role in preparing your children for a successful school experience by pre-exposing them to key concepts they will experience in school. This can be done in a fun, enjoyable manner by making everyday play experiences learning experiences as well.

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