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Have You Prepared Your Child For The School Bully?

As subtle as it may seem, bullying is a form of violence. Experts estimate that almost 75% of today’s youth will be involved in some aspect of bullying before they enter high school. And the chances are, your child will be one of the statistics. Long gone is the idea that bullying is a natural process of youth, a coming of age. It is unacceptable behavior and the long lasting ramifications are far too great to ignore.

Middle School Blues

The middle school years are tough on adolescents, and by extension, can also be rough on the whole family. Having guided two sons through those murky waters a few years back and now watching a daughter emerge from this age, I have learned a thing or two about the Middle School Blues.

How Our Children Really Learn And Why They Need To Play More And Memorize Less

Now that we know the scientific data about how children’s brains develop, several lessons emerge. One is a cautionary note, and the others offer ways in which you can see the world differently and stimulate your child’s brain growth in a more natural way.

Steps to Help your Child Succeed in College

How do you help your child prepare for college successfully? How do you give him or her a firm foundation that they can stand on when they are away from home at college?

Cultivating Creative Kids

Raising a creative child is simpler than what you might think. All it takes is a little encouragement and allowing the child some opportunity to have “freedom of action and speech”

Reading To Your Children

It can’t be said enough: read to your children and let them read to you! There is no set age to begin—some parents start reading to their baby in their womb, others expose their child to their first books when they are toddlers. All that really matters is that you start early, and read often!

When your child doesn’t want to go to school

It’s one of those recurring nightmares parents have, your child clinging desperately to your arm, leg or neck crying “mommy, please don’t leave!”

Back to School Lunch Ideas

It is that time of the year again – back to school! While some are returning this next week, others have been back for quite a while…my own children returned to school over a month ago. However, it go without saying, that no matter if your children have been back for a while or if they are just now starting to get ready for the big day, you can never have too many lunch ideas!

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