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Summertime Crafts for Kids

Teach your kids how to make Rock Paperweights, Masks, Jigsaw Puzzles, Graph Paper Drawings, and more…

Bubbles Galore!

Many stores sell bubble solution, and while not a bad alternative, it can really add up if you have a true bubble loving bunch! I have compiled for you several bubble recipes, that are all easy to make. Try your hand at one or more of them – the kids will love you for it!

Saying “I Love You”

In many families, these words come easily. But if you grew up never hearing them, saying “I love you” may feel somewhat unnatural to you. Or if members of your family used loving statements to control or manipulate, you may be very uncomfortable using them with your own children.

Family Meeting Guidelines

Family Meetings can be a very successful method of enhancing family cooperation and closeness. Here are some ideas for the format of a family meeting.

Family Night Equals Family Unity

Holding a regular Family Night is the perfect way to build unity in your family. If you have a young family, and you don’t currently hold regular Family Nights, then starting them might be a little easier for you, as young children usually don’t have a problem with playing a game and having a snack with mom and day. If your children are mostly in their teen years, you may find a little more resistance, but if you are determined to make this work for your family, you can accomplish this.

From The Bench

When there was a lack of people interested in coaching my son’s 5th and 6th grade city recreation basketball team this season, my wife volunteered me. As a kid, I wasn’t the greatest player to have ever graced the basketball court, so I was a bit apprehensive about serving as a coach. However, as there seemed to be no one else available, I agreed.

7 Easy Ideas for Organizing Kids Artwork

In school, kids are encouraged to create, draw, color, paint and build. These activities can certainly stimulate children, and help them grow.

Get Down (On The Floor!) And Play With Your Children

When was the last time you and your kids rolled around on the floor together laughing yourselves silly? If you’re like me, it may have been a while!

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