The Mom Job

By: Shannon Wakeland

I had my chance of experiencing what working mothers go through and I have to say, it’s just as hard working out of the home than it is being an at-home mother. Wow, trying to do so many things before leaving the house soon became very stressful for me. Not only did I have to get my son fed and dressed in the morning, but I also had to make his lunch, let the dog out, feed the cats, put a load of clothes on, and sometimes I even tidied up a bit before leaving the house. Soon, this way of life was becoming old, very quick!

I lasted only three months at my job!

Either way one looks at it… mothering is a full time job, whether or not you work in the house or out of the house. Each roll requires something different of you. And the emotional part of it, is what really bothered me. I wouldn’t see my son for ten hours during the day. Sure, he loved his sitter, and enjoyed his daddy picking him up from there, but it was taken a toll on me. I missed my baby, and felt like I was doing the wrong thing by not staying at home with him and nurturing him through his preschool years.

Of course I wanted more money, and that is the main reason I went back to work. But, I have found out that raising my son and being here at home with him is much more important. Yes, it can be tough, but well worth it in so many ways.

We all make sacrifices and we have had to make plenty of them in order for me to stay at home with my son. It’s hard seeing my other friends driving around in their new cars, or taking the long summer vacations, but when I sit back and really think about what matters… those things do not… family comes first and I feel good knowing that I am doing what is right for mine.

Shannon Wakeland, author of several print and online publications, resides in Charleston, SC with her husband and seven year-old son.

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