By: Armin Brott

Dear Mr. Dad: Help! My kids are hopeless television addicts. All they want to do is sit in front of the tube-even on the most gorgeous days. What can I do to break this habit?

A: Nothing can drive harried parents crazier faster than seeing their children sprawled out in front of the TV on a beautiful, sunny day. After spending the day cooped up in the office, it seems incomprehensible to most adults that the kids could be inside, watching television on a day when they could be outside doing pretty much anything else. Even sitting under a tree and daydreaming would be better.

But as we know, television is almost hypnotic in its ability to capture the attention of young viewers.

A few weeks ago, one of my own children participated in a program at school to not watch television for a whole week. I could see the fear in her eyes, but I was thrilled. Fortunately, the challenge came during a week when I could spend a little less time working than usual, so I was eager to do my part.

As part of the challenge, my daughter had to come up with a list of 20 things to do instead of watch TV, playing video games, or another else that involves sitting in front of a tube doing nothing.

Here are just a few of the suggestions that she and the other kids in her class came up with as alternatives to television:

Of course very few of the kids did everything on their list, but the amazing thing was that except for the first day, there were absolutely no complaints about missing all that television. We're thinking of trying if for two weeks next time.

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