Five fun Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice


Have you ever been to a baby shower and the in-laws weren’t speaking and the young moms didn’t know each other and there was quite an uncomfortable silence? If you plan your games correctly, the group will be interacting with one another in minutes! Old grudges and strange faces will fade away when you implement these fun ideas.

Baby shower game idea 1: “yes? or “no?

Cut baby item photos out of a sale flyer, catalog, or magazine. Use a clothespin or safety pin to attach them to the backs of each guest. By asking ONLY “yes? or “no? questions, the guests must mill around asking questions to others to figure out what picture is on their back. The first ones who figure out their photos can win a prize. Try to make the photos more difficult than just “bottle? or “pacifier?.

Baby shower game idea 2: “Don’t say the Word…?

Establish a word you will not be allowed to say for the whole shower, such as “baby?, “pregnant?, or “mom?. Give each guest a clothespin. Every time a guest catches another person saying the taboo word, she gets to steal that person’s clothespin(s). At the end of the shower, the person with the most clothespins wins!

Baby shower game idea 3: “Diaper the Baby Relay?

Divide the guests into two teams. Have two baby dolls ready each having one diaper on and one extra diaper. The object of the game is to have each team member come up, remove the current diaper and correctly put on the extra one. Then they can go back and tag the next team member to do the same. The fastest team wins!

Baby shower game idea 4: Baby Food tasting

Break guests up into groups of two or three. Give one person in each group a brown bag with at least five different baby foods inside and several small spoons. (You can divide food up into small containers so you don’t have to buy entire jars for each team). Have the one person feed small tastes to their other team member(s) and the team with the most correct guesses OR the first team to correctly guess them all, wins. There are many unique flavors out there like mango or broccoli cheese so be creative!

Baby shower game idea 5: Motherly Advice

Have each guest introduce themselves and then give the mother-to-be a piece of advice. It may be based on their own experience as a mother, or something they found out while babysitting someone else’s child, etc. It can be funny, practical, or encouraging. Have one person write them down, numbered, on a large poster board or dry erase board. Then, have the guests silently vote on which is the funniest, or most practical, or favorite, piece of advice. Not only will the mother get lots of great advice, but the winner of the best advice gets a prize as well! A fun alternative would be to collect bits of advice from the guests as they come in (include a note in the invitations for them to bring this with them) and then write the list on the board and have the mother-to-be guess who gave her what advice.

Choosing one, or several, of these games will assure that your baby shower will be fun and relaxing for all involved…without worrying about dealing with awkward dull times.

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