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Mom Butts, Stretch Marks and Sagging, Oh My!

There are big secrets in woman/motherhood. Unfair secrets that someone should really tell a girl. Secrets about what pregnancy and childbirth and nursing your children will do to your body. Nobody tells you, in detail, about what is in store. Nobody wants to talk about it because, by talking about it, you might be admitting your own imperfections. Fair enough. But, I think that it is high time some one laid it out there. And after long and repeated conversations with my other friends who have kids about what an injustice it is that we had no idea what was in store for our bodies—I think it is high time we all joined in this unveiling of the true circumstances that your body has to face while becoming a mother.

Pregnancy: Intuition Does a Body (and your Baby) Good!

What happens when there is something that you just can’t live with—something that you feel is an indicator of complications—even though all your test results and ultrasounds are being noted as “normal”? And, what happens when our doctors look at us with a terrible chagrin of condescendence after we tell them we feel (both physically and emotionally) that something’s not quite right and reply “Aw honey, you’re just pregnant!”. Well, if you’re as foolish as I was, you believe the doctor over your own intuition and signals that your body is sending. Big mistake.

A Pregnancy Calendar And Resource For Expectant Mothers

After a woman gets pregnant, she usually schedules an appointment with her doctor to run tests, and to do occasional checks to make sure the fetus is developing well. Although a doctor can help answer many questions that a woman may have about her pregnancy, she doesn’t get the daily information and attention that she often craves.

10 Risk Factors That Every Pregnant Woman Should be Aware Of

Many factors affect the development of a fetus into a healthy child, some which are beyond your control and others that are within your control. Here are ten of the most common pregnancy risk factors that can be controlled or influenced.

Morning Sickness – All Day Sickness!

Morning sickness should be referred to as all day sickness. While some women will sail through pregnancy with nary a symptom of nausea, others will find themselves severely ill for weeks on end.

Pregnancy Weight Gain – The Mystery Solved

It is important that you remember that weight gain is a normal and healthy part of pregnancy. You have to gain weight in order to provide a healthy and comfortable home for the child that you will be nurturing for the next nine months.

From Partner to Father – The Importance of Expectations Management

Have you ever wondered what an expectant Dad usually hears from his male friends? “Buddy, once this baby is born, you can forget about sex for the next six months.” If I were about to become a father, probably a little unsure about my new role, this advice would not be particularly comforting…

Handling Unwanted Advice

Just as your baby is an important part of your life, he is also important to others. People who care about your baby are bonded to you and your child in a special way that invites their counsel. Knowing this may give you a reason to handle the interference gently, in a way that leaves everyone?s feelings intact.

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