Pack Your Bags!

By: Brandie Valenzuela

Packing for my trip to the hospital was one of the most fun activities for me. What I think I enjoyed the most the about packing, was that it was a sign that the birth was just around the corner. While I didn't want my precious bundle to come too soon, I was excited for the day he would be born, and packing made me realize just how soon he would be here!

For most expectant mothers, I recommend packing your bag approximately four weeks prior to your due date. If you have a history of preterm labor, you may want to pack your bag even sooner. If you are like me, some of what you will bring with you, is what you need to keep using until the moment you walk out the door. In this case, pack the items that you won't be using, and write a list of the specific items you want to remember to pack at the last minute. Your list will be especially helpful to your husband or labor coach who may have to collect these items for you.

Here is a list of items that you may want to bring to the hospital or birthing center. Remember, everyone is different, and not all of these items may apply to you and your birthing experience.


Personal Items

Keeping Busy

Chances are, you will be plenty busy during labor and postpartum, but it is always a good idea to bring something to do just in case you get bored.

For the Baby

Many hospitals will provide you will all of your infants diapers, shirts, and blankets during your stay, but it is wise to ask the labor and delivery staff prior to the birth. The items listed below are for when you and baby are about to go home:

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