Make a Pregnancy Scrapbook

By: Julie Fletcher

Why A Pregnancy Scrapbook?

A pregnancy scrapbook is a very personal way to preserve memories of a pregnancy. Right from the very moment you found out you were pregnant to bringing home baby, it's all in one book that can be treasured for years to come. Instead of a normal photo album, a scrapbook can hold bits and pieces of the things you experienced, bringing back memories in a touch or smell.

What Materials Do You Need for a Pregnancy Scrapbook?

First off, you'll need to buy an empty scrapbook. Acid free paper is much easier to find these days, in fact it's the norm. Acid free paper will not deteriorate over time the way paper that is acidic will. Acidic paper will yellow and crumble after many years. In your scrapbook, the memories will not fade away or yellow! Next, pick out a tape that won't become brittle or yellow. Talk with someone in your local craft store who has experience with scrapbooks and their materials. They will most likely know the best brand in your area.

Then, start collecting items you want to add to your pregnancy scrapbook.

Where Do I start?

At the beginning! Tape or glue your pregnancy test results into your book. Surround it with pictures of where you lived before baby. You can put the actual test in the pregnancy scrapbook or take a photo of it. Take some pictures of you and your partner, tape or glue them there, too. Write down how you told dad about the baby and the reaction. Be sure to record the reactions of the grandparents to be, as well.

From there you can find all sorts of things to add into your scrapbook. Quotes you love about pregnancy, favorite song lyrics, anything that strikes your fancy. You can spend time during your pregnancy building the book or collect memorabilia over time, then put it all together at once. Take pictures each month of your growing belly and put them on their own page, along with labels of foods you may have craved.

Favorite maternity clothing can add depth to a pregnancy scrapbook. Interesting pockets can be made with shapes cut from the fabric to hold items you want to keep. Try using scissors that make wavy edges then framing a picture with fabrics strips. You can even give the front of the book a crazy quilt look by gluing patches of clothing worn during your pregnancy.

Include a family tree with a place for baby on one of the front pages. Document each month your progress of preparing for baby, like setting up a crib, decorating a room, or even the purchase of a new home with more room for a growing family. If you haven't decided on a name just yet, put the ideas down on the corresponding month's page.

What Else Do I Need To Add to make a Pregnancy Scrapbook?

Just about the sky is the limit. Save all of the information from your doctor visits, such as your weight, belly growth, blood pressure, and test results. Record these each visit. It's almost not even needed for you to be told to save your ultrasound photos, that's a given! Tape or glue the photos right next to the one's of your tummy, what a way to see what is going on in there. Invitations for showers, wrapper from cigars for dad, it's all addable. Save a page for each family member to write down their hopes for the baby. A lovely welcome letter from each person who is waiting for baby will be something touching for the child to look back on.

You don't have to choose a theme or e an expert to build a pregnancy scrapbook that will give you a place to store your memories. A little imagination, some adhesive, and love will go a long way to making the perfect pregnancy scrapbook just for you.


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