Breastfeeding: When the Second or Third Time Really Isn’t a Charm

As much as I understood the wonder and benefits of breastfeeding your child, I realized during my second pregnancy that I was not at all prepared to venture into that state of complete codependence again. This pregnancy was what we like to call a big “surprise”. And there were so many things that would make the free-for-all nursing experience that my son had impossible for my daughter.

A Pregnancy Calendar And Resource For Expectant Mothers

After a woman gets pregnant, she usually schedules an appointment with her doctor to run tests, and to do occasional checks to make sure the fetus is developing well. Although a doctor can help answer many questions that a woman may have about her pregnancy, she doesn’t get the daily information and attention that she often craves.

Stress and Infertility

For many years, scientists and infertility specialist have shrugged off the idea that stress affects infertility. Even early research suggested that stress didn’t seem to have any correlation.

Maternity Clothes – What And Where To Buy Online

Here is a sampling of the best maternity shops online. You’ll undoubtedly find one or several that match your budget and style! Remember to feel good it helps to look good, so why not indulge in a maternity outfit or two?

Pregnancy Diet: How To Eat A Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

Perhaps the number one complaint of women trying to watch their weight during pregnancy is that they are hungry all the time. True, pregnancy does result in an increased metabolic demand on the body, which can cause you to be hungry. Many women also experience a number of cravings during pregnancy, which can make healthy eating challenging.

Work It, Work It

Apparently one of the biggest fears women have about getting pregnant is gaining weight. That’s right – forget the 27 hours in labour and the dawning realization that the baby comes out of “there” – the thought of putting on 30 or 50 pounds is the really scary thing. Because regardless of what celebrity ubermoms like Cindy Crawford will tell you, the getting back into shape (yours, not hers) will take blood, sweat, and tears, (and that’s just getting on the lycra shorts), not just “running around after your kids”. As the mother of four children, however, I feel it is my duty to point out the “Unexpected Work Out” that Moms-to-be may not be aware of. Children can in fact provide the basis for specific spot toning exercises.

Postpartum Exercise – Abdominals And Other Exercises

Most women are concerned with reshaping their newly formed `pooch’ after delivery. You know the sagging area of skin that used to resemble your stomach? The good news is you can restore your abdomen to its pre-pregnancy luster, or at least a semblance thereof. It will take a lot of hard work however on your part.

10 Risk Factors That Every Pregnant Woman Should be Aware Of

Many factors affect the development of a fetus into a healthy child, some which are beyond your control and others that are within your control. Here are ten of the most common pregnancy risk factors that can be controlled or influenced.

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