Morning “Pick-Me-Ups” for your Relationship

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Mornings are infamous for not being pleasant. Too often it's the beginning of a busy day and just getting up and getting started becomes more important than paying attention to the people around you. But just as breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, it is important to leave the house in the morning feeling connected to and appreciated by your partner. Here are some quick tips that can help your relationship start out on the right foot everyday:

Make a Routine:

In today's hectic world, sometimes you have to plan out the simplest of things. Arrange your morning routines so that there are ten or fifteen minutes that you can sit down and have a cup of coffee and discuss your upcoming day. Is anything important or exciting happening? Is there something you are nervous or anxious about? Understanding each other's mood and potential challenges or triumphs can help you better relate to your partner throughout the day and into the evening.

Break Routine:

Surprises can be good. You don't have to wait until a birthday or holiday to do something special for your partner. Spontaneously remind your significant other they are important and send them out the door with a smile. Make him or her a nice pancake breakfast with a whip cream smiley face. Have fresh flowers waiting on the breakfast table. Do a chore or errand they typically handle in the morning so they have a little extra free time. Be original and make your partner's morning great.

Write a Note:

Imagine your partner getting to work and opening their briefcase, already sighing at the growing workload, and, on top of the files and legal pads, they find a special note from you reiterating your affection and wishing the best for the day ahead. Never forget that the smallest gestures can have the biggest results.

Have the Last Word:

How many times have you remembered the ending of a movie or book but not much of the middle? Last impressions are critical. Make an effort to make sure the last words to your partner each morning are positive and encouraging. You can even try and think of one great thing about your relationship each morning and share this with your partner on the way out the door. Just a few words have the power to make a day start great or make it start bumpy - use your words the right way.

Follow Up:

The morning is the start of the day and a great time to begin communication, but don't forget to follow up later in the day. Your partner might be offended if you discussed an important meeting planned for that day but don't ask about it later. You must work to grow your relationship and support your partner morning, noon and night.

Mornings can be hectic and the best intentions can fall to the wayside, so make sure you take time to look at these tips and come up with your own ideas and plan their implementation to make sure your relationship wakes up on the right side of the bed.

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