Online Affairs – It’s Still Cheating

By: T.W. Winslow

I'm amazed at the number of letters I receive having to do with problems associated with online love affairs. Although online relationships of all kinds seem to be fraught with problems, in this article, I'm only referring to those situations which involve marriages and other committed relationships, not online relationships between two single people.

Each week I receive countless letters from husbands who have met someone else online, wives who are looking for fulfillment outside their marriages, the other person involved who wants to be assured their being involved with a married person is okay, spouses who suspect their husband or wife is cheating... the list goes on and on.

Those involved in these Internet love affairs often try to justify what they're doing by saying to themselves (and others), that what they are doing isn't necessarily wrong because they're not having any physical contact with the other person. They also use the excuse that these online affairs harmlessly fulfill a need which is not being met by their off-line relationships (marriages, etc.)

Let me assure you, there's nothing innocent or harmless about these types of online affairs. It matters not if those involved do or do not have a physical relationship, this is still cheating. I use the example of marriage in this article, but this applies to all committed relationships.

Marriage is about trust, love, commitment, sacrifice, and respect. These online affairs are a betrayal of all of these things, and are no different than having an affair with someone at the office. Let's face it - online or off, cheating is cheating.

If you're married and involved in an online affair, you must end it now. If you think what you're doing is harmless, think again. If you want a second opinion, just confess this affair to your spouse. I'm fairly certain they'll agree with me.

If you find yourself having trouble ending things, I suggest you give your Internet account password to your spouse and/or begin sharing a single email address. This most certainly will keep you honest.

Marriage, as with all relationships, takes time, commitment and work. More often than not, we get out of these relationships what we put into them. We all must put our time and energy into making our marriages work, rather than looking outside of these for fulfillment. It comes down to one thing. We either have dignity and honor or we don't - it's up to each of us to choose how we will live our lives.

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