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Online Affairs – It’s Still Cheating

I’m amazed at the number of letters I receive having to do with problems associated with online love affairs. Although online relationships of all kinds seem to be fraught with problems, in this article, I’m only referring to those situations which involve marriages and other committed relationships, not online relationships between two single people.

Leave Your Scorecard At The Door

When we’re agitated or generally stressed out, it’s all too easy to take our frustrations out on those closest to us. One prime example of this is; keeping score.

Focus On The Big Picture

With every marriage license issued, there should also be given two sets of seat belts – for one thing’s certain, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. No matter how much in love we are or how hard we work at our relationships, there will be those times when things go wrong – it’s just a fact of life.

Dating Your Spouse

After being with my wife Diane for the better part of twenty years, I was pretty comfortable in thinking there wasn’t anything about her which I didn’t already know. I understand now what an arrogant attitude that was, and how that very way of thinking has impeded our growth as a couple and diminished some of the fulfillment each of us derives from our relationship.

A Game For Love

Whether you’ve been with your partner for many years or you’re just starting a new relationship, building true intimacy is crucial in developing a strong and loving relationship. Often we work hardest to develop intimacy in the initial stages of a relationship, and become somewhat lax in our efforts in the ensuing years.

Cooperation vs. Competition

Who of us involved in a long term relationship hasn’t fallen into the trap of obsessing over those little things which our partners do (or don’t do)? We have to continually remind ourselves that marriage and other long term relationships are very much a cooperation. When we turn these into a competition we run the risk of generating feelings of resentment, anger, and stress.

Out Of Time

Time can make you late or too early. It can undercook or overcook your food. It can give you stress or make you give up on something altogether. Learn how to better balance your time.

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