This Valentine’s Day, Give Your Relationship a “Tune-Up”

By: Equality in Marriage

The media seems to be brimming with messages of relationship doom. The new book by Paula Paul, "Starter Marriages," is full of statistics stating that today's new marriages are often over before they start. Celebrity and high-profile divorces are everywhere. Couples find themselves this year approaching marriage with one statement glaring like a neon sign - "it might not work."

At The Equality in Marriage Institute, we believe love and romance are the gas for the car, but partners must still build and maintain the vehicle itself. This Valentine's Day, don't forgo the chocolate and the roses, but give something more by taking the time to look under your relationship's hood and make sure everything is running smoothly.

But how does this conversation get brought up without ruining the mood or causing tension? How can a partner bring up areas of concern without being accusatory? People still find honesty, truth and compromise as something that taints a romantic evening.

This shouldn't be the case. We've come up with a way to help couples start the conversations that will help them dig into their relationship and strengthen it's foundation. We call it "The Relationship Tune-Up."

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