Let’s Talk About Sex

By: T.W. Winslow

Sex. A favorite subject of many, and something we all think about. It's part of our daily lives in some way or another, and an important part of our relationships. However, despite all we hear, read, see, and think about sex, it's one of those things which many of us find difficult to talk about with our partners.

We may be quite good at expressing our deepest thoughts and feelings on every other aspects of our lives, but when it comes to the topic of sex, it seems many of us fall silent. We have to remember that open and honest communication doesn't stop when the bedroom door closes. Being able to talk about our desires, fantasies, needs, limits, and even our insecurities about sex, is critical to not only improving our sex lives, but in alleviating some of our fears and apprehensions.

A key element in being able to be open about sex is being able to laugh at ourselves. We have to stop taking ourselves so seriously when it comes to matters of sex, and remember that this is just a natural part of life. All of us have desires, insecurities, needs, limits, and fantasies - these are perfectly normal, and sharing these with our partners shouldn't be so hard.

It may not be easy at first, but the more we openly discuss matters of sex with our partners, the easier and more natural this will become. We can't expect our partners to be enthusiastic about every desire or fantasy we have - that's okay, they may have one or two that we're not crazy about either. The key is to share these things openly, and to be secure enough in ourselves and our relationships to laugh at ourselves. Let's face it, our partners have seen us at our best and our worst, and we count on them to be understanding and supportive. Sex should be no different.

A healthy sex life is important to every relationship, and a good place to begin is through open and honest communication. Knowing the other's needs, desires and limits is critical, and this can't be accomplished if we stop talking when the bedroom door closes. Don't be embarrassed - relax and have fun with it, and remember to bring your sense of humor.

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