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Happily Ever After… Divorce: 7 Steps to “Moving On”

So the story of your marriage ended less like a Disney cartoon and more like a Shakespearean tragedy. Now that all the legal and financial matters are settled, staying in bed with a carton of Ben & Jerry’s and watching rerun Lifetime movies may seem appealing. After all, there are all those love struck couples walking around on the street and not enough things to throw at them.

Marriage Mayday: Seven Signs That You’re Headed for Divorce

Since communication breakdown is often a glaring sign on the road to Splitsville, it isn’t surprising that one partner in a relationship is often caught off guard by the dreaded delivery of divorce papers. Below are seven warning signs of a marriage going sour.

Can We Be Friends?: Shifting From Partnership to Friendship

It’s the dreaded four-word phrase?.”Can we be friends?” It’s a classic break-up line, but it’s also an issue that must be faced when a relationship hits the rocks. In reality, the questions ought to be “should we be friends?” And, if so, “how will we define that relationship?”

Dressing for Divorce: What You Wear Could Matter

You spent six months picking out your wedding dress. Now it’s two hours before your divorce hearing and a nice comfortable jogging suit seems just fine. Before you throw on any old thing and head to the courthouse, remember that appearance is a critical factor in any legal proceeding.

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