What Is Your Relationship Value?

By: Equality in Marriage

There are always going to be those days when it seems the world is focused completely on your partner -- and not at all on you. Maybe he or she has a big meeting coming up at work, or maybe he or she has just come down with the flu. Whatever the reason, there may be those moments where you ask yourself, "Is this ever going to be about me?"

In any relationship, there is going to be give-and-take as situations and circumstances change, but you should also feel that, overall, your value in the partnership is equal to that of your partner's. Too often, individuals find themselves in marriages where they are not valued emotionally and financially. And, too often, these individuals don't do anything to resolve that situation. Below are some ways to assess your value in your partnership, as well as some tips for creating equality in your marriage, if necessary.

Assessing Your Financial Value

Assessing Your Emotional Value

These are just a few of the ways you can assess and define your value in your marriage. It isn't a matter of keeping score or staying even, but rather is a way of ensuring that you feel valued in your partnership and that you can express your concerns or needs and are a joint CEO in running your household.

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