When Will The Marriage End, After Divorce?

When a chapter closes in our lives, we must grieve the loss and let it go. This is true with divorce. It’s the finality of mourning “what could have been” that is painful. Nevertheless, the work of processing the reality of divorce, with all of its implications and consequences, must be confronted with courage and integrity.

Marriage Counseling

Couples go to marriage counselors for many reasons. Sometimes couples need help resolving issues that they can’t resolve on their own, and other times they just want to learn how to be more intimate. Marriage counseling is designed to address both minor and major issues experienced by married couples.

Study Finds People Communicate Better When They Take Cues From Their Listeners

If someone told you to “put the apple in the basket on the table,” what would you do? Depending on how many apples and baskets are in your kitchen, it might not be clear. Would you move the apple in the basket to the table, or move the apple to the basket on the table? Had the speaker included the word “that’s” after the word “apple,” it would have eliminated any confusion.

Online Dating Services

There are millions of singles who are looking for someone to date, and possibly someone to marry. For many singles, bars, clubs, and community settings don’t appeal to them, or simply haven’t given them what they’re looking for. As a result, many singles are turning to online dating services.

The Complexity of an Argument

Couples often wonder why they get into intense and hurtful arguments over seemingly insignificant things

Different Cultures

Our families are like unique cultures. Each culture has its own way of communicating, arguing, eating, sharing, and showing affection. Most cultures remain intact by passing along their nuances, habits, and sayings for hundreds of years, with only slight variations occurring within each generation. The same is true for families.

Unique Mens Wedding Bands – For When Common Won’t Do

Wedding rings are a symbol of a union. A union between a man and a woman. This tradition of publicising the union between the man and a woman is a tradition that goes way back to the ancient Egyptians.

Rebuilding: Proclaim Your Power!

How does one proclaim their power when faced with fear and overwhelm, with sadness by the loss of their marriage? While not minimizing the wide range of deep emotions that accompany separation and divorce, there are some very basic steps that women can take in order to restore self confidence and build an ideal life on their own.

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