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What if you could take hundreds of websites for parents, and allow regular users to decide which sites were the most popular? Sites For Parents has done just that. They offer hundreds of websites rated by popularity. When you visit their website, they show websites that are ranked from number one to twenty five. You can quickly glance at the total In and Out links, and decide for yourself if you want to visit the website.

Ranking isn't a new technology for recommending websites. In fact, most modern search engines, like Google, use an elaborate ranking system to decide which websites to show you, and which ones to hide. What's interesting about Sites For Parents is that they take simple approach to ranking, and it seems to work well.

I wrote this review during the beginning of the school year. The most popular articles on usually pertain to back to school resources. For example, one of our top articles is Back To School Lunch Ideas. I was able to see the same trend with Sites For Parents. While reviewing their website, the top websites all had to do with school and after school activities.

If you're looking for a new source of parenting resources, and you're interested in peer reviewed and approved websites, then Sites For Parents may be the website for you.

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