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Allrecipes traces its roots back to 1997, when a group of Web developers with lots of technical savvy and, more importantly, a passion for cookies, realized what tremendous potential the Internet had as a way to connect home cooks around the world. was born--a delicious place where novice and experienced bakers alike could exchange their favorite recipes. The concept caught on like, well-cookies! The smashing success of this new online cookie collection quickly led to the creation of dozens more online recipe collections covering just about everything you could ever want to cook, from Appetizers to Desserts; Barbeque to Vegetarian.

Now, seven years later, Allrecipes is among the Internet's longest running and most heavily visited food sites, averaging over 4 million visits each month. They are especially proud of this given the fact that they've never advertised their website. Instead our success is based solely on the positive word-of-mouth of our fans. Allrecipes has become home to over 25,000 of the world's best recipes--all created, prepared, rated, and most importantly, enjoyed, by millions and millions of home cooks and their families. is a one-of-a-kind destination where cooks of all levels and interests can quickly and easily find whatever recipe they might be looking for, whether it's a quick weeknight dinner, a chocolate cake just like the one Grandma used to make, those incredible crab cakes you had while on vacation, or the deep-fried turkey you saw prepared on television.

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