PUT (Parents Uniting Together)

In a culture where traditional folkways seem to be changing everyday, and bad influences on children are at an all time high, it can be extremely difficult for parents to manage the unruly behavior of their children. In response to this reality, a group of parents decided to get together and form a support group called PUT (Parents Uniting Together). There mission is simple and to the point.

No longer tolerate or PUT up with their children's unacceptable behaviors. The parents of PUT will no longer tolerate bullying, drunkeness, drugs, verbal abuse, physical abuse, irresponsibility with regards to money, disregard for rules, or irresponsible behavior in general.

PUT fulfills their mission by creating an environment where parents can get together to give and receive support from each other. They do this through their Virtual Support Group (VSG). Their VSG is an online meeting place for parents who have been there, done that, and will no longer PUT up with bad behavior.

Their approach is very sound, and they're quick to point out what the PUT program is, and what it isn't.

The PUT Program is...

The PUT Program is NOT...

If you're a parent who is fed up with your child's unruly behavior, I encourage you to visit PUTs website, and to get involved in their Virtual Support Groups.

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