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When people think about getting a puppy, they'll often peruse the local pet store, look in the classifieds, or visit an animal shelter. Although this may seem like a good way to buy a puppy, it can have several pitfalls. For example, pet stores are notorious for selling puppies that have genetic defects, poor socialization skills, and are difficult to housebreak (because pet store puppies must relieve themselves in their cage). Classifieds and animal shelters carry similar risks.

In general, the best way to buy a puppy is through a dog breeder. As defined by Wikipedia:

Dog breeding is the vocation of mating carefully selected specimens of the same breed to reproduce specific, consistently replicable qualities and characteristics.

At its best, breeding is a blend of science and art. The skilled breeder has at least general knowledge of genetics and health, and in-depth knowledge of the breed standard and conformation points of his chosen breed. Most breeders are fiercely loyal to their dogs, and are concerned about each individual animal.

Buying a puppy from a dog breeder helps insure that you're getting healthy dog that's been well taken care of. But where does one start when looking for a dog breeder? Traditionally, people have had to ask friends, or search around for a dog breeder that specializes in the type of dog they're interested in. Unfortunately, this can be a very time consuming task. After much research, most people can find several dog breeders, but often times, they don't find a breeder that breeds the dog that they're interested in.

Ian White, owner of, has set out to change how people find dog breeders. Ian recognized a need for connecting dog breeders with people who wanted high quality puppies, and developed His website offers an easy way for dog breeders and dog buyers to find each other. Dog breeders can quickly create an account and place their dogs for sale. While dog buyers can easily search for dog breeders by geographical area and breed. The search is worldwide, so searchers have a much greater chance of finding the exact dog that they want.

Ian provides several other resources on his website for dog breeders and dog buyers. For example, he has several helpful articles, which include:'s focus is to provide a secure environment where dog lovers can quickly match, screen, and select dog breeders; and breeders can find good homes for their puppy litters or adult dogs. accomplishes this in the most useful and efficient way that I've ever seen. In my opinion, is the only place any dog breeder or dog buyer should ever need to go to buy and sell healthy, purebred dogs.

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