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How to Choose an Obstetrician

It’s worth spending sometime researching which obstetrician best fits your needs.

Making A Birth Plan

Every labor and delivery is different. For each birth you need a birth plan that is specific to your needs for the birth of your child.

Childbirth Classes, Educating Yourself on Childbirth Education

Whether you plan to use medication or have a natural birth, childbirth classes will give you the information you need to make an informed decision on every aspect of your pregnancy and birth.

Cramping: An Early Pregnancy Symptom

Cramping and cramping in early pregnancy is common and its worth knowing what to expect during your pregnancy.

Five fun Baby Shower Games to Break the Ice

Have you ever been to a baby shower and the in-laws were not speaking and the young moms did not know each other and there was quite an uncomfortable silence? If you plan your games correctly, the group will be interacting with one another in minutes! Old grudges and strange faces will fade away when you implement these fun ideas.

Home Birth: Is it Right for You?

It is funny how doing things the “old fashioned way” is looked upon as risky and dangerous. When I presented the option of a home birth to my husband he responded very nervously and adamantly insisted that he wouldn’t be comfortable unless there was an emergency facility, prepared to handle any catastrophe, in the same building as the birth. He had reason to be frightened—he had watched his godson get whisked away by helicopter five minutes after his hospital birth due to pneumonia complications. Had he not been born in a hospital we would have, undoubtedly, lost him. But, I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted this birth (my second child) to be at home and with family.