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Tips for Talking

That argument you had before work about who was responsible for buying new milk probably isn’t the best example of effective communication. All partners “talk” to each other, but very few really use communication as a tool to build and revitalize their marriage. Here are some tips to help you move from “gabbing” to really connecting through your conversations.

Boundaries & Relationships

Where do you end and others begin? Do you believe that others are responsible for your feelings and behaviors and vice versa?

Expecting the Worst

Have you ever felt like your significant other can only see things their way? You want to talk to them about something that’s important or upsetting to you, but before you get a few words out, they’re on the defensive trying to prove their point. The end result is usually feelings of anger and often bitterness. And as time goes on, this pattern increases along with your frustration.

The Art of Listening

This past Mother’s Day, I was recalling all of the things that make my own mom so wonderful and special. One of the things that came to mind was, no matter what problem I had or predicament I got myself into growing up, I knew I could always turn to her for comfort and advice. There was, and still is, something almost therapeutic about going to her with my problems.

Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex. A favorite subject of many, and something we all think about. It’s part of our daily lives in some way or another, and an important part of our relationships. However, despite all we hear, read, see, and think about sex, it’s one of those things which many of us find difficult to talk about with our partners.

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