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Stepping Out of The Bubble: Reflections on the Pilgrimage of Counseling Therapy

Counseling is an interesting career path. Similar to many social work positions, counselors get to see and experience people who are emotionally distraught and hurting. There are many reasons why people choose to become counselors; they want to help people; they have a natural ability to comfort; they’re working out their own problems. Regardless of the reasons, all counselors experience the difficulty of maintaining their own personal wholeness, while attending daily to the problems of others.

The Boomer’s Guide To Online Dating

In an age of mass produced self-help and relationship books, The Boomer’s Guide To Online Dating breaks the mold. This book is one of the most thoughtfully written books I’ve read in a long time.

The Healing Power Of Anger: The Unexpected Path To Love And Fulfillment

When people think about anger, images of violence, yelling, and screaming often come to mind. What doesn’t usually come to mind are images of healing. Dr. Rifkin has set out to change that.

Between Two Worlds

Living with and caring for those with Alzheimer?s disease and dementia can be an agonizing experience for loving family members and caregivers. It may seem impossible to find the silver lining of hope during these difficult times. How can caregivers and family members lighten the load of grief brought on by such cases? And how do caregivers especially deal with the intensely difficult day-to-day work with those who are afflicted?