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The In’s and Out’s of Life with In-Laws

First, marrying our spouse means we turn our loyalties to him or her. That doesn’t mean we are not loyal to our parents, but that we place priority on our husband or wife. One obvious step to leaving our parents that shows we place priority on our husband or wife is changing homes. Our attention and effort turn toward our family’s well being and happiness and a central home together.

Wedding Planning: Involve your Fiance in 10 Easy Steps

He’s popped the question. You’ve chosen a date. And now, you’re swimming in a sea of euphoria with no horizons. Good thing, too, because there are literally a thousand things to arrange before the big day.

What Is Your Relationship Value?

There are always going to be those days when it seems the world is focused completely on your partner—and not at all on you. Maybe he or she has a big meeting coming up at work, or maybe he or she has just come down with the flu. Whatever the reason, there may be those moments where you ask yourself, “Is this ever going to be about me?”

The Equality Equation: Are You In An Equal Partnership?

In the early stages of a relationship, the intense chemistry and mutual love of Chinese take-out while watching old movies may seem like more than enough. After you’ve gained that inevitable five pounds that comes with the transition from singledom to domesticity, you’ll certainly find that “making it last” isn’t as simple as pressing “play.”

How Will My Parents’ Divorce Affect My Marriage?

A question silently asked among many premarital couples who come from divorced families is, “How will my parents’ divorce affect my marriage?” As with most people, the influences of parental divorce on future relationships play out differently for everyone.

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