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People see counselors for all types of reasons. Sometime they need help with their relationship, and other times they just want to grow personally. Although there are many people who practice counseling, it's not always easy to find them.

A good way to find a counselor is to ask friends or family. However, the problem with asking friends or family is that you may lose some of your privacy. For example, asking a friend if they know of a good marriage counselor, may open up the door for questions that you'd prefer not answer.

This is where Counsel-Search comes in. Counsel-Search's mission is to provide a fast and easy way for couples and families to locate and evaluate a marriage and family counselor. They recognize that finding a competent marriage and family counselor can be a difficult and confusing process.

Counsel-Search allows people seeking counseling to search for counselors by state and city. They provide a comprehensive list of counselors in their area, and include their address and phone number.

Counsel-Search also provides an educational section that provides several articles on relationships and counseling. I particularly liked the article entitled, Does Family and Marriage Counseling Work? In the article, they reveal the results of a study that looked at client satsifaction regarding family and marriage counseling. The research, conducted by the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, found the following results:

If you're looking for a counselor, or are interested in learning more about counseling, I encourage you to visit Counsel-Search's website.

Visit Counsel-Search: Family and Marriage Counseling Directory

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