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Today Europe travel is better than ever. While it's always been a popular destination for vacationers and backpackers alike, Europe travel is now even more safe and convenient due to the rapid development of the European Union. Recent laws make it easy to travel throughout Europe--this means no more long waits at the borders!

You can now also use same currency in nearly all of the countries here. Europe travel used to be complicated--traveling from Spain to France, for example, used to require converting Pesetas to Francs, making complicated currency calculations and shot-in-the-dark-budgeting-on-the-go a constant reality. Now, however travelers in Europe can glide easily between nations carrying a single, understandable currency: the Euro.

Transportation in Europe is a breeze as well. Rental car companies have expanded and offer several affordable options: for example, some companies offer a special rate if you're willing to drive a car marked with the company's logo. You won't make the cover of Rolling Stone doing this during your Europe vacation, but you will save money.

Other options include trains and planes. Vacationers will be pleased to know that there are several types of rail passes that allow for travel without stopping to pay for lots of tickets. One pass allows vacationers to travel an unlimited amount within a certain amount of time, while others allow for travel within certain limits to the number of trips. Regional passes are also available. Flights have become very competitively priced for vacationers within Europe, with the growing trend of low-cost airlines making flying an attractive option for longer jaunts.

All of these changes mean that it's easier than ever to see more of what Europe has to offer. The Mediterranean is an ancient seat of culture, for centuries allowing countries as distant as Spain and Greece opportunity for trade and cultural exchange. Northern Europe offers the most comprehensive social programs in the world.

Almost any kind of outdoor activity is possible here, and despite a century that included two devastating wars, Europe's cities are beautiful, metropolitan centers full of history and life. Any vacation to Europe is bound to be full of good food, good people, and good times.

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