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When Should You Get Life Insurance?

Many people don’t need life insurance and are misled into believing that it is necessary for them. If you don’t have any dependents, if your spouse is financially independent, if you and your spouse have saved enough to cover costs for as long as you live, or if you are already elderly and have enough savings to be independent from anyone else, than you may not need to worry about life insurance at all.

Car Insurance Helps, Even When It’s Not Your Fault

Car accidents do happen, and when they do they may not be your fault. You want make sure that your coverage is comprehensive, meaning that your car is insured for accidents other than collision.

Life Insurance

When we are young we often wonder at the necessity of life insurance. Maybe we feel that we can live forever, that we are invincible, or maybe it is just that youth are less financially responsible than adults. One way or the other, as we grow older, life insurance becomes a much more important thing to consider.

Understanding The Type Of Insurance Available To You

Understanding the kind of insurance that’s available to you can be confusing. This excerpt, from Todd D. Tucker’s eBook, briefly explains the most common types of insurance.

Enough Life Insurance

While none of us like to think about it, it’s wise to be concerned with life insurance. Should either or both parents die, insurance could be vital to your children’s well-being

My Stuff’s Gone

Each year criminals steal tens of billions of dollars from our homes and cars. This year we can expect over 2 million burglaries in the U.S. Sure you carry homeowner’s and auto theft insurance. Even so, if someone steals your stuff you’ll still lose time and some money. So let’s take a look at burglary prevention. We’ll focus on how to keep it from happening and will leave how to collect on insurance and get your things back for another time.