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Are You Watching Your Money or is Your Money Watching You?

For many years I’ve systematically advocated that people assume active management of their own finances, rather than leave that chore in the hands of others.  And for as many years, a fair number of individuals have done exactly that, leaving me gratified that some of what I say does not fall on deaf ears.

Buying Investment Properties

As newspapers and real estate gurus tell us everyday, the housing bubble has deflated some as 2006 draws to a close (if not burst completely in some areas of the country). This has created a “buyer’s market”, where there is an over-supply of homes for sale, and because of that, prices are often below market value.

Real Estate Investing Offers A Good Alternative To Stock Market Investing

Real estate investing has become a more popular and securer way for even conservative investors to diversify their portfolios. Real estate investment funds that are global in scope are a sure way to guarantee that you will be getting returns on your investments, even when the stock market is shaky or the American economy takes a downturn.

Where To Begin When Investing Online

With companies like E-trade offering online investing at low costs, and many companies advertising investment opportunities online, the wealth of possibilities for investing online is as high as it is offline, in the real world.

Demystifying Stock Investing

Not all of us need to know every twist and turn of the stock market, and that is a good thing for our pockets, and our eyes. Stock investing can be as easy as going down to your local investing office and setting up a fund. The investor will take your money and pool it with other funds, then invest it in stocks that he or she feels with increase in value over time.

Real Estate Investing – Avoiding Scams, Getting Started

It is true that investing in real estate is one of the best ways to increase your income without taking on another job. In fact, if done well it can be a weekend past time that rakes in the case for you and your family. But not everything is as easy as some people want you to believe.

Investing Online

Online trading continues to grow each year, as do the returns that online investors receive. Before you begin trading online, you will want to make sure that your home computer has an adequate Internet server and can establish a secure connection with the online brokerage company.

Stock Investing

Let’s face it: investing in the stock market is never completely safe, though some investments may be much safer than others. Your money isn’t monopoly money, and you are not playing the game of life—you’re in it. So take a look at the facts before you make stock investing a regular part of your income.