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The $60 Lightbulb

The reason that people are gradually beginning to use CF bulbs is simple. In many applications they can save money because they use less electricity. Generally a compact fluorescent will only consume one third as much juice as a regular bulb.

The Check Out Check Up

According to the U.S. Statistical Abstract the average large family (five or more) spent $405 per month on food eaten at home. Pam and her family probably are a bit on the high side. So what can she do to reduce the amount she contributes to her local grocery store?

Buying A Refrigerator

The experts I found say that you’ll do best buying a major appliance during the winter months. No reason was given, but it might be that people are too busy paying off holiday debt to buy major appliances unless they have to.

Bargain Hunting Strategies

Whether you do your shopping mostly in retail stores, thrift stores, or at garage and yard sales, there are some strategies that will work for you and help you to find a bargain every time!

The Complete Guide to Buying New (Or Old) Furniture

If you are like me, your investment in furniture has to last! It has to be durable, beautiful and a good buy for my money. You all know that a good buy doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, but it does mean that the value in years of problem-free use. I want to know that the furniture will last at least as long as it took to make the money to buy it! (And in some furniture I have seen, it was a distinct possibility that it wouldn’t survive the trip home!)