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Using the Internet to make online investments may be the right choice for you because of its inherent flexibility.

Many investors prefer to do their investing online because they can have complete control over their portfolios without the hassle of hiring a broker. If you work full-time during the week, you may require the convenience of 24-hour banking.

If you are an experienced stock market player, you may also prefer to do your own research and decide when it's time for you to buy and sell quickly, and to have that power at the tip of your finger without needing to consult with anyone else.

Online trading continues to grow each year, as do the returns that online investors receive. Before you begin trading online, you will want to make sure that your home computer has an adequate Internet server and can establish a secure connection with the online brokerage company.

It's possible to open an online investment account with only $1,000 set aside as security, and even less in hand with which to purchase shares. Most online brokerage firms will assign you a password for access to the firm's investment researching library, and even account management software, so you will have all the tools necessary to organize your online investments and get up-to-date information on stock market trends.

Of course, investing online isn't right for everyone. If you are new to the ups and downs of stock market figures, it will be important for you to have someone real to talk to, instead of only your own reflection in a computer screen.

Stock investment advisors charge what are called trailer fees, or simply fees for services, advice, research, and the basic security you get from knowing that your investments are being managed by a staff of professionals. If you are investing online, your discount broker or brokerage company should not be charging many of these trailer fees, because online companies usually don't provide those kinds of services.

In this way, online investing may actually be cheaper in the long run if you know what you are doing. Basically, online investing can have higher risks than other types of investing, because the responsibility is on you. In stock market, high risk also means high return, but you have to be both willing and educated enough to know if you are ready to take those risks.

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