Working Mom Guilt


While it varies in intensity, almost every working mother feels it at one time or another - guilt. Even if you have arranged your schedule to work at home, you might feel a bit of guilt over spending a few hours occasionally focusing more on the computer than on your little one. Relax; whether you’re busy with work one hour or ten, it’s not the end of the world.

Who’s Raising My Child? (Working mom guilt trip 1)

There is great debate over this, but it has been shown in studies time and time again that working away from home is not negatively impacting your child. For many mothers it feels unnatural to be away from a little one, and for others it feels unnatural to be with a baby twenty-four hours a day. If your child spends two, four, or eight hours a day with another care-giver, the caregiver is not raising your baby – you are.

Most quality care-givers encourage your input and expect parents to provide details as to feeding schedules, bottle specifics, solids, and nap duties. There are twenty-four hours in a day, and chances are you are only gone eight to ten of those hours. That means simply that you have most of your baby’s time, and most likely you’re there when they need you the most – bedtime and during the night.

Does My Baby Get Enough Attention? (Working mom guilt trip 2)

Day cares, nannies, and babysitters can rock a little one to sleep, and they may even be less distracted than you are during the day. In most day cares there should not be more than four or five babies with a single caregiver by law. Most nurseries have at least two adults and are able to call in others if necessary. Nannies and babysitters are able to focus solely on baby as they aren’t also trying to plan dinner, pay bills, and return phone calls the way we always seem to be. Even if you are a working mom working at home, designate certain hours “away from business” hours for your own sanity and to be sure you have plenty of time for little ones.

Fortunately for working moms, study after study has shown that quality time together is much more important than the quantity of time together. No parent, working mom or not can dote on a baby every hour of the day. But if you spend every minute you can engaging in quality activities with your little one, it will go much farther in the long run.

Play with your little one. Talk to her. Take her with you everywhere you can and explain to her what is going on. Working moms are busy moms, but working moms are great at managing time. Your child is a top priority, and you’ll handle it all just fine. 

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