Migraines: How to Help Someone Live With Them

By: Lisa Donovan

It is sometimes difficult to understand something when you have never actually experienced yourself. I think this is especially true of migraines. Those of us who have been lucky enough to have never had one of these crippling headaches have a hard time really wrapping our brains around what they are all about. As someone who rarely gets even mild headaches, much less migraines, I can tell you that when I met my husband and was witness to them through him I was, at once, horrified and moved to take action.

My husband was your typical bachelor when I met him. He had gone to see specialists, but for the most part, he just took gross amounts of Excedrin Migraine and slept the headaches off in a cold dark room. This means of healing doesn't really work with two kids nor is it healthy for the liver — I wanted to find a long term solution to the problem rather than a short term fix-up of the symptoms. I did several months of research and, four years later, I think we have the migraine fiasco under wraps. He still gets them occasionally, but they are milder versions of what they once were.

If you are a partner of someone with migraines, be patient and try to understand. Again, as someone who has never felt the horror of these, it was tempting to write these of as regular headaches. Be understanding and realize that, even though they may seem over the top — they are really excruciating. Since someone with a migraine is so inconsolable, I found that the best thing to do was to be committed to breaking the cycle. Breaking the cycle means relief for all.

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