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Tips for Pool Owners: the Safe Handling of Pool Chemicals

At public pools, life guards and parents enforce hallowed safety rules, like “no running” and “wait an hour after a meal before swimming.” At private residential pools, however, the responsibility for safety falls squarely on pool owners and the rules go far beyond “no horseplay.”

Grandparents and Medication Safety

ummer vacation is here and children eagerly anticipate a visit to grandma?s house. With young visitors, however, comes great responsibility. Grandparents should take time to poison-proof their home before the kids arrive.

Pesticide Safety for Home Gardening

Gardeners with children should pay particular attention to proper use of pesticides. The American Association of Poison Control Centers reports that in 2002, poison centers received more than 96,000 calls regarding exposure to pesticides?more than half involving children under age six.