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What is Chronic Pain?

Pain is a universal human experience. We all know what it is like. Few of us, however, know enervating and debilitating chronic pain

Migraines: How to Help Someone Live With Them

It is sometimes difficult to understand something when you have never actually experienced yourself. I think this is especially true of migraines. Those of us who have been lucky enough to have never had one of these crippling headaches have a hard time really wrapping our brains around what they are all about. As someone who rarely gets even mild headaches, much less migraines, I can tell you that when I met my husband and was witness to them through him I was, at once, horrified and moved to take action.

The Child With A Long-Term Illness

The child with a serious medical illness is at risk for developing associated emotional problems. Unlike a child with a temporary sickness such as the flu, the child with a chronic illness must cope with knowing that the disease is here to stay and may even get worse.