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Health Insurance Coverage

Besides determining the co-pay and covered treatments, patients should also find out about their plan’s maximum benefits allowance. A higher maximum benefits allowance is obviously desirable, but patients may be forced to weigh this against other factors when choosing a plan.

Employer Health Insurance Benefits

If you are already employed in a company that does not provide its employees with healthcare benefits or offer inadequate or unaffordable insurance, then you actually can do something about it: complain.

Health Services: A Catastrophe Coming

In connection with the delivery of medical services in America, several things deserve to be said. Over the past decade an unmistakable trend has developed, and none of us will escape the inevitable. The basic problem is remarkably simple.

Being Prepared

Insurance benefits for mental health services have changed a lot in recent years. These changes are consistent with the nationwide trend to control the expense of health care. It is important to understand your mental health care coverage so that you can be an active advocate for your child’s needs within the guidelines of your particular plan.