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Women’s Health Test: Is There An Early Signs Of Menopause Test?

Menopause itself is not an illness but a natural process for a woman’s body. There are normal changes in the reproductive system and cycle and ultimately, the reproductive system will cease to function. That is normal. However, certain menopause symptoms are indications of underlying hormonal imbalances or damage from poor eating habits, stress and other factors.

Menopause: Questioning Hormone Replacement Therapy

Most recently, virtually everything that was supposed to be good about estrogen has been refuted. Mind you, there were always two schools of thought about hormone replacement. The first (and less vocal) maintained that nature must know what it’s doing when it causes the ovaries to stop making hormones and thus permits menopause to set in. They advised against tampering with this normal course of events by taking hormone replacements. If nature had wanted women to continue to have estrogen, the argument went, it would have designed the female body to keep producing the hormone.

HRT Does Not Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

The American Heart Association has released new guidelines recommending that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) should not be prescribed for the prevention of strokes and heart disease. The guidelines apply both to healthy women (primary prevention) and to women with a history of heart disease (secondary prevention).