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Weight loss after Pregnancy

No miracles or post-pregnancy fat cures, but some good tips and motivational preganancy weight loss advice.

Does that Chocolate have Your Name on it?

Does That Chocolate Have Your Name On It? Does That Cheesecake Call Out to You? Hogwash! 4 Simple, Sure-Fire Techniques to Squash Temptation Now

Cognitive Therapy And Weight-Loss

The weight-loss industry is alive and well.If one is overweight, the choices of diets, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, exercise programs, support groups, and motivational programs are endless. If devouring a carton of ice cream doesn’t stress you out, ruminating about one’s weight-reducing options can sufficiently reduce one to tears.

Tackling The Big Three Pressures That Keep Fad Dieting Alive

Dieting critics often say that the main reason why diets almost inevitably fail other than in the short-term is the biological fact that the body will rebound with stored weight after it suffers food deprivation.

Is The Term “Eating Disorder” Being Used Too Freely?

Definitions until quite recently have generally comprised Anorexia and Bulimia. Whilst there are various earlier references to self-starvation, particularly amongst young women, going back in to classical antiquity, it was not until the latter part of the 19th Century that a medical typology of Anorexia was constructed. Bulimia was first formally noted in 1979.

New Research: The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight Is To Eat A Vegetarian Diet

People in the United States are more overweight than ever. As a result, the struggle to mange weight has spawned an entire industry of special diets and dieting clubs. Unfortunately, most popular diet plans are either too extreme or they’re difficult for people to sustain. A good example is the Atkins diet. Although it has helped many people lose weight by effectively cutting out all carbohydrates, people have a hard time sticking to it, and critics claim it doesn’t provide balanced nutrition. So in the search for the perfect diet, authors Susan E. Berkow, Ph.D., CNS and Neal Barnard, MD, found success in an age old practice, vegetarianism.

An Apple Or A Pear?

It’s more than a question of taste. Eating an apple is infinitely better than looking like one, according to experts at the American College of Cardiology (ACC). Humor aside, research has drawn significant links between body shape and heart disease. The American College of Cardiology is hoping to reshape America by highlighting this new health data on World Heart Day.

Don’t Do It Alone, Find Support To Lose Weight

Sticking to a diet plan can be very frustrating but finding a support group can really help achieve your weight loss goal. We are constantly barrage with fattening foods so finding support is vital to stay motivated.