Maintaining Women’s Health


There are many important aspects to maintaining women's health. One important foundation is to good health is built by a combination of healthy diet and frequent exercise. Studies have shown that women who exercise are more likely to live longer, avoid chronic health conditions and report greater overall satisfaction with their lives. Also, a good diet that includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is crucial for health maintenance. It can even help fight cancer!

Women of all ages — from teenagers to retirees — should make time for exercise. Teenage girls who play sports are more likely to do well in school, have successful, fulfilling relationships, and are less prone to use drugs. Carrying out an exercise program through adult life is also crucial to remaining active, alert, and mobile later in life. Regular strength-building exercises that place mild stress on bones, for example are an excellent preventive measure against broken hips and other health problems many elderly women suffer from.

Many women already know that putting fat in the right place in a regular diet is healthier than eliminating it altogether. Indeed, today's leading nutrition studies take a holistic view of diet, making allowances for the moderate consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and, oh yes, chocolate. Many researchers now believe women do experience a real emotional lift when they eat chocolate. The benefits of chocolate in moderation may even outweigh those of a small portion of dietary fat. However, the fundamentals of good diet have not changed — lots of fruits, vegetables and grains, a small amount of fat and a solid protein base.

Women of childbearing age should take a folic acid tablet every day — as it is believed a steady intake of folic acid greatly benefits the development of fetuses. It is important to note that these benefits are most apparent when the supplement has been taken over a period of years, and preferably throughout a woman's entire childbearing years.

Additionally, women should — in addition to a yearly physical examination by their physician — undergo an annual ObGyn exam. This should take place from the time a woman becomes sexually active. A monthly breast exam is essential — early detection of breast cancer, like other cancers, greatly improves a woman's chances of beating the cancer.

Finally, many women find that juggling multiple roles as dedicated mothers and hardworking employees can be exhausting and stressful. Putting aside time for rest and relaxation is a bit of prevention that can save women a lot of cure. If women have been feeling tired, sad, or emotionally numb for weeks at a time, they may want to consider seeking the aid of a counselor or psychiatrist.

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