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INI Health, a company founded to offer high quality, personalized nutrition, today announced the release of VIDAFIT(TM), nutritional formulations that are individually created for each customer.

VIDAFIT formulations are made with up to 60 different vitamin, mineral, protein, supplement, and herb ingredients in a powder form that can be mixed with milk or water. No two formulations are the same. Customers select the exact ingredients, daily intake values, and flavor they want in their unique formula through the company's Web site at www.vidafit.com.

INI Health developed VIDAFIT to provide the 80 percent of Americans who take vitamin and mineral supplements with the ability to quickly and economically address their unique nutritional needs. The powder-based formulations provide a higher degree of ingredient and daily dose control, flexibility, and safety when compared to the pill or pre-mixed powder alternatives currently on the market.

"We intend to set a new standard for the delivery of personal nutrition that puts consumers in control and meets each person's unique and changing needs." said Jay McGoodwin, CEO of INI Health. "The industry is full of wild product claims and questionable sales tactics. Our goal is to provide objective information and a pharmacy of high quality ingredients so customers can either make their own educated choices, or work with a professional to create their own nutrition formula."

The company offers extensive information on all of its available ingredients, which have been classified as "effective," "likely effective,"or "possibly effective" by the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, a highly respected resource for evidence-based, clinical information on non-prescription products. Health Reports and Topic Bulletins, citing current research on common conditions such as migraine headaches, and popular subjects like diet dangers are also offered by the company.

VIDAFIT orders are placed at www.vidafit.com. Instructions are provided throughout the formulation process, which is structured for varying levels of knowledge about nutrition.

The base price for a one-month supply of VIDAFIT is $29.95, with additional charges for higher levels of vitamins and minerals, and additional proteins, supplements and herbs. Customers can expect to spend less than $40 per month for their personalized nutrition formula. Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail within 48 hours.

All ingredients used in VIDAFIT formulations are purchased from established domestic suppliers who follow "good agricultural practices" and/or "good manufacturing practices," both of which constantly undergo evaluation by industry groups and government agencies. In addition, an independent reference laboratory reviews VIDAFIT ingredients for certification analysis correlation.

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