What Should You Do About A Snoring Bed Partner?

By: Charlie Clar

Studies show that the most common way a sleep deprived bedmate deals with the snoring curse is to complain to the snorer. This usually creates an abundance of ill will but solves nothing. Snorers rarely know they are snoring, even when the entire house shakes, rattles, and rolls. They also just can't quit by force of will.

Another common remedy is to poke or kick the snorer, hoping he or she will roll from one position to another. Sometimes this helps. However, the snorer typically returns to the old position in a matter of minutes and starts in again.

Some offended bedmates have tried stitching something soft but large, like a tennis ball, into the back of the pajamas. This can prevent the snorer from sleeping on his or her back. A change of position, however, doesn't necessarily solve the problem, particularly in the longer term.

Even earplugs don't work for many people. The snoring sound is simply too loud.

The next logical step is take up residence in separate bedrooms. This can work but obviously doesn't do a whole lot to foster intimacy.

So what can you do?

The first thing is for both parties to behave like the loving adults they are. This means effective and open communication! If couples can't get past this hurdle, it's logical to ask why they even bother sleeping together.

Once you have a general idea how severe the problem is, then either see a medical doctor or try some of the remedies currently on the market. Frankly, there is no reason why anyone should snore today.

Solving the snoring challenge together can greatly improve a relationship. In the final analysis, a superior relationship is one of the keys to a happy and healthy life. Finding a solution can be a catalyst to a more loving personal partnership!

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