Do You Worry Too Much? Ten Tips to Help You Stop

By: Susie Cortright

Worry is negative visualization. That's what authors Michael Gelb and Tony Buzan point out in Lessons from the Art of Juggling.

It's true: Worry is a focus on fear, which leads to tension, anxiety, anger, and exhaustion.

Here are ten tips to help you stop worrying:

It's important to recognize that everyone struggles with worry at some point. Talk with your friends and family about possible new ways you could handle these jittery sitations.

Adapted from More Energy for Moms, by Susie Cortright. Susie is the author of several books for women and the founder of, a website designed to help busy parents find balance. The site features special offers on affordable luxuries, uplifting essays and articles, even a mind-body-spirit fitness program and community. Visit today and receive Susie's "6 Days to Less Stress" course-by-email free.

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